Rules and regulations

Our Residents were attracted to Ocean Waterway because of its appearance and environment. This good way of life did not just “happen” and each and every Resident, as well as Management, must work constantly to keep it that way. Therefore, a set of rules and regulations are necessary in order that everyone can enhance his investment and maintain the Park in the best possible condition.

All reasonable means have been taken to insure that your residency here is safe, pleasant and enjoyable. Many of our rules and regulations are required by law; the remainders are published to protect life, property and privacy and may be amended from time to time to achieve this purpose.

Assumption: No one, including Directors, can give permissions to owners or subtenants to deviate from the rules and regulations underneath.

PARK OFFICE: The Park business office will be open from 9:00a.m. until 4:30p.m., except as posted, may change from time to time. There are no office hours on Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays. Inthe case of an emergency, the telephone numbers listed on Clubhouse bulletin boards will direct you to responsible assistance.

SPECIAL NOTICE: The word, “management,” in the Rules and regulations refer in all cases to the park office, park management or manager. The Board of Directors reserves the right to change these Rules and Regulations as necessary in order to maintain high and exacting standards and to comply with the changes in State, County or City regulations. All changes in the Rules and Regulations will become effective following adoption and circulation.

ABSENCE FROM THE PARK: If you are planning to leave your home for three (3) or more days, PLEASE notify the Park office.

RENT PAYMENT: All rents are due and payable at the Park office on the fust (I) day of each month. If the rent is not paid by the tenth (I Oth) day of the month, the Resident will be charged a $25.00 late charge. Failure to pay late charge constitutes a breach of these Rules.


PARK AGE/ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS: Ocean Waterwayisacommunityof55 years of age and older (Housing for older persons). Therefore, only older persons will be accepted as Residents. The Co-op reserves the right to refuse admittance into the community. All residents of the community must have written approval of Management before moving into the community.Applications are available at the office, application fee is $100.00 References and photo/age verification will be required and checked before admittance.

One (I) Resident in each mobile home must be fifty-five (55) years of age*, or older, and the other Resident shall be a at least forty (40) years of age.

No sub-letting will be permitted through a real estate agent, a company, a leasing company or any other corporation.

OCCUPANCY: Occupancy is notto exceed two (2) persons per mobile home unless prior written permission and arrangements are made with Management and, then, only in the case of special circumstances.

Immediate Family:

Mothers, fathers, mothers-in-Law and fathers-in-Law may be in occupancy, with the Resident present, for longer than the 15/30-day occupancy regulation. NotifY the office if it’s longer.

Upon application to, and written approval from the park manager, – a Resident’s adult sons or daughters, with spouse and grandsons or granddaughters, may be granted occupancy without the Resident being present; however, they must follow the 15-30-day regulation and NO other guests or family shall be in occupancy during the same time period.

Occupancy by guests of the Resident will not exceed two consecutive fifteen (15) days or a total of thirty (30) days per year, January 1st through December 31″.

Although each guest must follow the 15-30-day regulation, there is no limit on the number of guests you may have in one year.

No guest shall occupy the unit unless one or more of the Residents is in occupancy.

All Residents will be held directly responsible for the actions of their guests, regardless of the guests’ ages. The rules of each recreation activity are plainly and conspicuously posted, when required, at the sight.

RENTING: Subject to the terms and conditions hereinafter specified, the Park Management allows homeowners to rent their mobile home(s). All applications for rental must have a prior approval by the park office who shall enforce the rules. Rental applications are available at the office, or by mail, fax and e-mail. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to advise his/her renter of the Rules and Regulations of Ocean Waterway and make sure that they are understood and respected.

The application must be submitted to the park office by the renter or homeowner with a check in the amount of $100.00 US funds, for the processing of the application. The check shall be made payable to OCEAN WATERWAY CO-OP INC., aod is NON-REFUNDABLE.

It is prohibited for the homeowner(s) to be present while the mobile home is rented. All renters must be 55 years of age or older without exception. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to appoint someone to take care of his/her home during the tenaot’s stay.

You shall not rent your home more than twice (2) per year, with a minimum of one (I) month aod a maximum of six (6) months. The calendar year is from October 1st to September 31

You may only rent to two (2) people. No overnight guest(s) will be permitted. Your renter may have his/her children and/or graod-children visit for a maximum of two (2) weeks. THEY MUST REGISTER WITH THE OFFICE UPON THEIR ARRNAL AND PAY AN ADMINISTRATION FEE OF $50.

PEDDLING, SOLICITING, COMMERCIAL ENTERPRISE: Nopeddling,solicitingor commercially identified enterprise is allowed in the Park. Any Resident, however, may caovass other Residents as provided in Florida Statutes. All nonresident vendors wishing to do business within the Park must have permission in writing from Maoagement and must exhibit such permission to the Residents.

TRASH, REFUSE, DEBRIS: The burning of trash is not permitted. No dumping of trash, garbage, gasoline, oil, brush aod tree trimmings, etc., is permitted in vacaot lots or other open areas. Refuse is picked up twice each week and is limited to two (2) containers which must be placed at the curb after nine (9) O’clock p.m.the day before,or the day of collection.( Use garbage can for food, if not place the trash bag containing food, only the morning of the day of collection) To maintain the beauty of the Park, lots must be free of debris.

No individual fences shall be permitted of aoy type within the perimeter of the Park.

RECREATION FACILITIES: The recreational facilities are restricted to Park Residents aod guests aod are provided for Residents aod their guests on a “use at your own risk” basis. The Co-op will not be liable for aoy accident or injury to life or property through the use of the recreational facilities or loss or damage caused by accident, fire, theft or act of God. Use of the facilities is subject to restriction and revocation, or either of them, and the Co-op reserves the right to revoke the privilege to use such facilities to any Resident or Resident’s family or guest who abuses or misuses the facilities or who violates posted rules. Hours for operation of the various facilities shall be determinate by the Co-op, in its sole discretion, and within its capability to provide proper maintenance of the facilities:

While using the recreation facilities, guests must be accompanied by a Resident.
The board of Directors reserves the right to implement an ID tag system, if necessary.

Observe pool rules & regulations as posted at the pool.
No glass or glass containers will be allowed in the swimming pool area;
All persons must shower before entering the pool.

IMPROVEMENTS: No building, structure, installation or any other improvement shall be placed on any lot until the plans have been approved by Management.

There shall be only one (I) driveway for each mobile home lot. The maximum width of said driveway shall not exceed ten feet, six inches (I 0’6″) and, in no event, shall the driveway, including the flare, encroach upon the abutting property. You may not widen your driveway for any circumstances.
Work must be done according to City and County regulations; the owner must obtain the necessary permit.
Plans may be disapproved solely on the basis of aesthetic standards established at the discretion of Management:
Contractors other than those used by Ocean Waterway management must file proof of Workers’ Compensation Insurance and financial responsibility, prior to commencement of any work or project.
Construction Noise will only be tolerated between the hours of 8:30AM and 4:30PM. Please respect your neighbors.

COMMUNITY APPEARANCE: All mobile home areas are required to be maintained at high level of attractiveness. The owners of any home not maintained to the Park’s standards of attractiveness will be advised to take corrective action. If action is not taken by the Resident, Management will have the right to take such action as is necessary to maintain a reasonably neat and attractive appearance of the Resident’s mobile home and lot and shall charge the Resident for any costs incurred:

In the interest of safety, vehicular and otherwise, the Park management retains rights and privileges to alter, trim or remove any tree, shrub, hedge or other appurtenance which it deems to present a danger to visibility of traffic vehicle bicycles, walkers or other. Prompt remedy (complete correction/removal) of said item is the responsibility of the Resident on whose lot the item is located. The Resident shall take complete corrective action within (10) days of the date of receipt of a written notification from the Park management.

Failure of the Resident to comply fully shall cause the Park management to proceed with the correction of said matter. ALL COSTS INCURRED TO CORRECT THE SITUATION WILL BE CHARGED TO THE MOBILE HOME OWNER RESPONSIBLE FOR THE MATTER. Said amount shall be paid to Ocean Waterway Co-op, Inc., within thirty (30) days or a lien shall be placed on the mobile home. Additionally, the prevailing party in any proceeding to enforce this rule will be entitled to a reasonable attorney’s fee and costs.

Boxes and/or equipment of any kind are not permitted outside the mobile home or utility room; and

No permanent clothes lines and clothes poles used for the drying of clothing shall be permitted outside the perimeter of the mobile home. Drying of laundry is permitted on home site, provided a retractable umbrella-type hanger is utilized and installed at the rear of the home and concealed from the street view. The umbrella type should be closed when not in use.

No unlicensed or inoperative vehicle is permitted in any resident home site, except for seasonal vehicle, and the office should be notified of such.

LAWN MAINTENANCE, SPRINKLER USAGE: The Resident is responsible for cutting his lawn, for watering and maintaining their own flowers and shrubs in compliance with the high standards of the Park. Currently the maintenance ofthe lawn is provided by the Co­ op; the Co-op reserves the right to cancel the actual services.

With the regard to maintenance of or trimming trees, under general law, a renter or tenant is responsible for maintaining the premises that they lease. This would include a responsibility for the maintenance of the trees on the subject lot. The park owner or cooperative association would be responsible for maintenance of the common areas and not the individual mobile home lots or cooperative units. A tree whose roots can cause damage to Park property, such as the water system, sewer system, roadways, etc., are not permitted. Before purchasing or planting any tree, it is necessary to receive approval for both the planting and the type of tree. Absolutely no tree shall be cut down or severely trimmed without the written consent of Management.
A Resident leaving for the summer, or for a period of two (2) weeks or more, must arrange for the maintenance of his/her lawn and advise the Park office of these arrangements. Lawn maintenance is currently provided by the Co-op.
No stones or other aggregates will be permitted in lieu of grass. This shall included no concrete slabs, no asphalt other than the driveway, and no wood chips or bark.
Excessive watering is not necessary and WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Lawn watering will be between 6.00 p.m. to 10.00 p.m. and midnight to 9:30a.m. This does not mean that watering can’t be done every-day. Lawns should only be watered to sufficiently keep the lawn from drying out.

All automatic sprinklers, timers, programmed watering devices or similar equipment, either installed or utilized, shall have a device incorporated in the system to prevent that system or equipment from watering while it is raining or watering within twelve (12) hours after a rain. City/County ordinances could override the above. Failure to comply with this Rule will result in the installation of a water meter at the Resident’s expense.




Registration: All motorized vehicles of Residents must be registered at the Park office and must display an Ocean Waterway Co-op identification sticker for security reasons. The Co-op sticker must be affixed to the right side of the rear bumper on Resident vehicles. Guest tags must be affixed on the inside rear-view mirror for any long-term visitor (one week or more).

Speed Limits: All traffic signs must be obeyed:


The speed limit within the Park is TEN (10) M ILES PER HOUR.
Violation of the speed limit within is a breach of the rules and will be treated accordingly.

No parking is permitted in the streets or on the lawns at any time. The streets must be kept clear for emergency vehicles. Visitors (if necessary) must use designated guest parking areas. Any vehicle using the Clubhouse parking lot must carry a sign on the dashboard with the lot number of the Resident. Unauthorized vehicles will be towed at owner’s expense.

Commercial or R/V Parking: No commercial or recreational vehicles longer than a pickup truck with a cab high shell or small bus-type vans used for transportation are permitted to be parked on mobile home property. No guest recreational vehicle, trailer or boat may be parked or used at a mobile home space or anywhere in the Park overnight. AT NO TIME MAY ANY VEIDCLE BE USED FOR LIVING
QUA RTERS while on the premises.

Bicycles: Bicycles are permitted, but must be ridden with, not against, traffic and must have a light on the front after dark and reflector on the rear. The operator must observe all traffic signs and bicyclists may not ride more than two (2) persons abreast and must ride single file when approached by moving vehicles within the Park.

Motorcycles (3 wheel Included), Mopeds, Mini-Bikes:

Motorcycles (3 Wheel included), mopeds and motorized mini-bikes and motor scooters are permitted for coming in and going out of the park ONLY. You must obtain a formal authorization from the office issued by the board of directors. This rule applies only to HOMEOWNERS OF OCEAN WATERWAY AND NOT TO RENTERS OR GUESTS OF HOMEOWNERS. All must obey rule #15-b-2 (the speed limit of 10 MPH).

Skateboards: Skateboards are prohibited within the Park. Roller skating would be tolerated in the streets only.

Vehicle Maintenance: Except for minor emergency repairs, no repairing or overhauling of vehicles is allowed anywhere in the Park. Cars may be washed in the driveway only.

Licenses: All operators of vehicles within the Park must have valid driver’s license.

Your mobile home is a residence for human inhabitants. Animal such as reptiles, rodents, rabbits, fowl (domestic or wild) are not permitted and are not to be cared for, bred or raised for any purpose or as pet or for food. The Co-op reserves the right to determine the acceptability as to the type of pet to be permitted in the Park, with the exception of small fish and small birds which are exempt.

All owners are required to register their pet with photo at the office.
Is limited to one (I) pet per mobile home;
Are restricted to small dog or cat not exceeding fifteen (15) inches in height or twenty (20) pounds in weight;
Must be on a leash at all times, when not in the mobile home your pet is not allowed
to run loose or to be tied unattended. Pets, including cats, found roaming loose will be picked up and turned over the proper authorities;
Must not be allowed to create a nuisance: i.e., barking, growling, and trespassing on neighbors’ property;
Are not allowed in the recreation area, Laundromat or other park areas or buildings (even if carried);
Litter must be promptly cleaned up by the pet owner and disposed of outside of the Park or be packaged and placed in the owner’s trash.
Ifyou feed any animal (wild or other) than your own, the park will take action and you will be charge with the cost. In the event of justified complaints, a warning will be issued to the pet’s owner. Upon receipt of a second justified complaint, the pet’s owner will be required to remove the pet from the Park.

SALE OF A MOBILE HOME: A Resident may sell his or her home without the assistance or services of the Co-op; however the Co-op will make available from time to time a listing of the homes for sale. The owner must provide the information related to his home at the office.
In the event a private sale of the mobile home is conducted by the Resident, the buyer cannot be guaranteed a home site in the Park unless, and until, the buyer meets all requirements and guidelines for admittance and residency as then established by the Co-op.

Only one “FOR SALE”sign may be displayed and it must be placed in the front window or screened porch.

The Co-op reserves the right of first refusal in connection with the purchase or sale of any mobile home in the Park.

TV ANTENNA-SATELLITES/ CABLE TV: is available to Park Residents. Satellite dishes may not be placed on the ground in your front yard or on your patio. They must be placed a minimum of9 feet from the ground affixed to the wall of your home and may be placed anywhere on the roof. TV antennas are not to exceed twenty (20) feet height.

COURTESY: Be considerate of your neighbors when playing a TV, radio, stereo or musical instrument, or creating any other source of noise, especially between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 8:00a.m.